City Forum on Dutch in a multilingual Brussels

No one speaks Dutch in Brussels. Or do they? What's the situation in your street, at your workplace or in your supermarket? And how do our Brussels company managers, institutions and organizations deal with Dutch?

Model NL enters the city and spends four months collecting opinions, stories, data and knowledge about Dutch in Brussels. What is going well, what can be done differently, and how can we tackle this situation? We complete the Model with all the little bits of information.

We start out from a blank page, a blank website, a blank Facebook page! We will fill them in with your input over the next four months. The results will be given to our panel of experts on 18 January 2019.


Work with us on Model NL
From 8 October 2018 until 18 January 2019

Come to our events, debate, discuss and discover. And read more on this website.

Model NL Events

De vierde Taalbarometer is er!

Boekvoorstelling 'Meer taligheid als opdracht' & panelgesprek over de vierde Brusselse taalbarometer. Organisatie: BRIO en Huis van het Nederlands Brussel.

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Karen Boers – BeCode – Boers & Peusens BVBA

"Brussels is a barrel full of diversity – with motivated talent from virtually every culture, language family or religion. And in practice each conversation finds its way, regardless of the language background of the participants."

Jeroen Roppe

Director of Strategy & Communication BRUZZ

" What drives me in my job is the love for the city and the love for the language. These are passions I share with Huis van het Nederlands.'"